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Meeting the networking needs of the e-Infrastructures domain, the ‘2010 Euro-Africa e-Infrastructures Conference’ (which took place at the Scandic Marina Congress Center in Helsinki, Finland on Dec. 9-10, 2010) succeeded in becoming a key place for main stakeholders in the field coming from all over Africa and Europe.

The ‘2010 Euro-Africa e-Infrastructures Conference’ has been organised in the framework of the ‘2010 Euro-Africa Week on ICT Research & e-Infrastructures’ (Dec. 7-10, 2010) and has been co-located with the ‘3rd Euro-Africa Cooperation Forum on ICT Research’ (Dec. 7-8, 2010), held in Helsinki at the same venue.

The Conference organising team has successfully set up an exciting event filled with discussions and debates, networking opportunities, and knowledge-sharing among all key stakeholders in the field and policymakers.

The conference featured various session types:

Plenary sessions Featuring officials from the European Commission, the African Union Commission, Governments, and internationally acknowledged e-Infrastructures experts.
Presentation sessions Organised around the main conference themes. Each session was made up of several presentations (6 presentations of about 15 minutes in length), where key stakeholders in the field presented their visions, experiences and findings. Some of these sessions featured case studies and others specific focus sessions (sessions including a mix of presentations and panel discussions and featuring a very single topic).
Discussions and debates sessions Offering participants the opportunity to actively contribute to the Conference outputs. Intended to be very lively and and highly interactive, these sessions encouraged open discussions on many of the e-Infrastructures related topics.
Networking sessions Aiming at facilitating additional and informal networking opportunities.

A summary report, the conference outputs, as well as all the presentations, are now available.

Please note: no PowerPoint presentations have been made by the panelists during the roundtable discussions.

Thursday, December 9

Friday, December 10

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