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  • Apr



    Leonardo Flores Añover’s Statement (0)

    “The ‘2010 Euro-Africa e-Infrastructures Conference’ (Dec. 9-10, 2010 – Helsinki, Finland) is designed to anyone with an interest in e-Infrastructures. Please mark your calendar for this unique opportunity for all parties involved in e-Infrastructures (from strategy to management) to increase the visibility and the impact of their activities, to network, and to expand their knowledge. Meet and discuss with your worldwide peers and with high-level policymakers!

  • Nov



    Mario Campolargo’s Statement (0)

    “The global world of research is undergoing a revolution underpinned by advanced communication infrastructures like the world-leading pan-European research network GÉANT, the advances in Grid infrastructures enabling new ways of scientific collaboration and resource sharing and the wider and open availability of repositories of scientific data. By providing increased productivity and the ability to collaborate [...]

  • Nov



    Kostantinos Glinos’s Statement (0)

    “It is essential to bring together scientists from different scientific fields, and to give them access to top-of-the-line computational and data resources. This is what e-Infrastructures are about: enabling collaboration, sharing resources, and providing access to information. In fact, today we cannot imagine advanced research without the intensive use of sophisticated e-Infrastructures.”
    Kostantinos Glinos